Zero water stone, Anhydrite

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13 Apr

Anhydrite just like most of the minerals receives its name from the Greek "anhydrous" which means "without water.", occurs in extensive layered deposits in sedimentary basins where large volumes of sea water have been evaporated.It's a hard crystal with a hardness rating of 3.5 and approximate density of 3.0.An evaporite mineral, it is closely related to other such mineral including gpysum, halite,calcite and others.
A rare variety of Anhydrite of light blue color is known as "Angelite". Although it has a hardness greater than Alabaster, Anhydrite often has some of the same desirable sculptural qualities such as a beautiful color and a high level of translucency, in addition to taking an excellent natural polish.
To work with the stone is a fascinating experience, Cut it to a basic shape can be done with regular hand saw, but water fed power tool gives a nice smooth surface, what makes cracks and color visible. When chiseling it acts very much like marble, to begin with it's rigid and resistant, but once it surrenders and wanna be a sculpture it's a joy to shape it.Standard coarse file takes the raw edges off, than 100 grit sand paper gets the deep cuts and scratches out. For polishing water proof sand papers 200 400 800 1500 and 2000 grit in stages to achieve a smooth silky finish. To seal the sculpture a good bee wax buff makes it a bit like wet look and a bright shiny finish.Abstract stone sculpture wave shape with hole in the middle on a black square base stoneThat was the  first abstract gray with darker gray veins on black granite base. Sold to California USA 2014

brown and gray color stone sculpture on black scuare shape base

        The Seed, That piece was a half alabaster and half gray abstract. Sold to a local collector to Vancouver 2015

Abstract stone sculpture sitting bird shape with open hole on top

             The Owl. Light blue with some dark gray color. Sold to Calgary Canada 2015

light blue falling like feather stone caving

            This blue Anhydrite feather never got listed, a fellow local artisan, friend bought it the day after it got finished.

blue standing lily flower stone carving pictured in nature

             This Azure blue free standing Anhydrite Lily is still available. Click on the image for info.


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