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              blue mineral silver set pendant and necklacePeruvian Chrysocolla pendant $47.00     orange brown lined agate gemstone necklaceCrazy lace agate necklace $29.00     light green copper wire wrapped mineral pendantcopper carbonate mineral pendant $25.00                                             black carved stone with feather designFeather slate stone wall hanger $35.00     copper color stone wall panel with Egyptian writing Egyptian Copper slate wall hanger $35.00     black stone panel with alien looking figure carvingAnnunaki slate wall hanger $35.00

             script writhing like pattern stone pendantScript stone necklace $28.00      blue pattern crystal with silver leaf bail pendantSky blue Larimar $39.00      black gemstone with Chinese character like patternChinese writhing stone pendant $28.00

            large size sitting wolf stone sculptureBlack Chlorite wolf sculpture $480.00       deep blue gemstone pendant in silver settingSodalite gemstone pendant $29.00       four black disk shape stone with carved horsesHorses designed coaster set $30.00                                            beige mineral stone pendant with black linesLizard mineral necklace $27.00      free standing black stone abstract sculptureBlack Wonder stone Abstract $340.00      mushroom like pattern gemstone pendantMushroom Rhyolite jewelry $28.00                                            landscape image like jasper stone pendantLandscape Jasper necklace $23.00       large blue oval shape gemstone pendantLapis Lazuli gemstone necklace $33.00      blue wing carving on black round stone baseangel wing stone sculpture $170.00                                          light green gemstone pendant with red crystalRuby in Fuchsite gemstone pendant $29.00        white round marble coasters with carved designCeltic clover marble coaster $30.00      black stone hand carved stone pendant and necklaceArgillite hand carved pendant $32.00                                           triangle shape black gold gemstone pendantMulti tiger eye gemstone pendant $28.00        light green soapstone hand carved fox figurineSOLD       deep green gemstone with red dots pendant Heliotrop gemstone pendant $29.00

           snow flake like pattern gemstone pendantSnowflake Obsidian necklace $28.00       red veined oval shape gemstone pendant necklaceAlunite angel wing necklace $30.00                 round shape green stone carved coastersGreen slate Thistle design coasters $30.00

           jumping salmon designed hand carved green stone coastersSalmons green slate coasters $30.00     white square shape marble coasters with fantasy designSun-moon marble coasters $30.00     white stone carving human figurine with spread armsAlabaster Inukshuk figurine $39.00

          royal blue teardrop shape gemstone pendant in silver settingLapis Lazuli gestone pendant $32.00      script writhing like pattern gemstone pendantScript stone mineral necklace $28.00        Blue hue gemstone with silver leaf settingBlue hue gemstone Labradorite $32.00       

          don't speak don't hear don't see monkeys on stone panelTree monkeys stone wall hanger $35.00       Egyptian writhing carved black stone panelEgyptian wisdom writhing $35.00         abstract unicorn carved black stone panelUnicorn slate wall panel $35.00       

         deep green abstract sculpture with gold water drop like middle pieceSOLD       black teardrop shape gemstone with brown patternMahogany Obsidian $28.00        green mineral necklace silver set pendant  Nephrite Jade necklace $29.00   

        triangle shape brown jasper gemstone necklaceBiggs Jasper  triangle pendant $27.00         fantasy carved white stone dragon skullAlabaster Dragon skull $35.00         translucent gemstone with sea weed inside of itSOLD  

    blue striped agate gemstone with crystals on bottom halfStriped blue agate geode $28.00  beige stone coasters with marine animals carvingMarine life Travertine coasters $30.00  small soapstone abstract bird like sculpture on white base  Mini abstract eagle figurine $35.00                               


      teardrop shape mushroom pattern gemstone pendantMushroom jasper pendant $28.00         orange color large mineral pendant in silver settingOrange Calcite mineral pendant $28.00        transparent yellow agate gemstone pendantYellow striped agate pendant $25.00     

    black magenta color gemstone pendantEudyalite gemstone pendant $42.00     gray jasper stone with abstract line patternPicasso Jasper mineral necklace $27.00       flame shape soapstone carving four element Fire soapstone symbol carving $95.00

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