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                        light blue opal gemstone silver set pendant Peruvian blue Opal pendant $33.00     white stone sitting owl figurine on black base Alabaster owl $65.00     four round shape black native symbol carved stone Native sun symbols $30.00                                          light green walking soapstone bear figurineSoapstone polar bear $270.00     black base color mineral pendant with white speckles Pinolith necklace $30.00     brown landscape image like pattern mineralLandscape Jasper pendant $23.00                                         black Jade silver wire wrapped pendantBlack Jade pendant $34.00     four differently positioned cats on carved stoneBlack cats slate coasters $30.00     small black free standing bird stone figurineBlue jay figurine $32.00                                           Large white stone abstract sculptureAbstract alabaster sculpture $700.00   blue stone free standing flower sculptureAnhydrite Lily $350.00   brown standing feather sandstone sculptureSandstone Feather $570.00                                         green free form shape mineral pendantMexican Chrysocolla $29.00      white stone human figurine with spread armsAlabaster Inukshuk $40.00      green carved stone stone with the four elements symbolGreen four elements coasters $30.00                                         light green gingko tree branch sculptureSoapstone Gingko $210.00       tree branch like pattern gemstone pendantSOLD      red veined white base color mineral pendantRed vein Jasper $28.00                                        white marble woman figure torso sculptureMarble torso sculpture $550.00    black oval shape abstract sculptureBlack stone abstract $320.00     pink stone abstract sculpture on brown baseRaspberry alabaster abstract $150.00                                       vibrant gold and brown silver set stone pendantGolden Tiger eye $32.00        lizard skin like pattern beige mineral necklaceLizardite mineral $27.00        whale carving on black round shape stonesOrca design coasters $30.00                                     white small size stone polar bear figurineAlabaster polar bear $155.00        shades of green with wave pattern stone necklace SOLD        forest green crystal large size pendantMaw sit sit $38.00                                     yellow and red color natural mineral necklaceMookaite Jasper $29.00        gingko leafs designed carved stone coastersGingko coasters $30.00         dark gray cloud pattern silver set stone pendant Morrisonite talisman $28.00                                    large size green brown soapstone bear figurineSoapstone large bear $480.00        purple base color gemstone with black spotsMystic Merlinite $30.00         transparent clear quartz gemstone necklaceQuartz necklace $30.00                                     pink oval shape silver set stone necklacePeruvian pink Opal $35.00        large black stone whale sculptureBlack Orca sculpture $600.00         dancing fluting figurine carving on green stoneKokopelli slate coasters $30.00                                   light green soapstone standing seahorse sculptureSeahorse soapstone sculpture $185.00        yellow agate gemstone with copper wire settingStriped agate $21.00         black carved abstract design stone pendantCarved Argillite pendant $35.00                                    brown stone with green and purple spotsPurple cow Jasper $27.00          translucent lilac color crystal necklaceRainbow Fluorite $29.00        four owls designed stone coaster setOwl design coasters $30.00                                    white oval shape stone with rainbow flash Moonstone pendant $32.00         light green mineral with red ruby crystalRuby in Fuchsite $30.00         purple wave pattern oval shape crystalCharoite crystal necklace $60.00                                    sunflower designed stone carved coastersSunflower black slate coasters $30.00         oval shape green stone with silver streaks SOLD         light green silver set mineral pendantSerpentine necklace $29.00                                   spiderweb  like pattern stone pendant necklaceSpiderweb Jasper $29.00          translucent agate oval shape gemstone necklaceMontana Agate $24.00          tree design carving on black round stonesTree of life coasters $30.00                                  standing dark green leaf sculptureLeaf soapstone carving $120.00         vibrant blue and gold triangle shape gemstoneSOLD      yellow broken up pattern natural mineralStoney creek Jasper $29.00

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