Alabaster Inukshuk hand carved Inuit symbol stone figurine

Alabaster Inukshuk small sculpture hand carved natural white Inuit stone symbol figurine. High polished bright natural stone display for home or office decoration.

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Alabaster Inukshuk display natural white Inuit symbol stone figurine of the northern culture. Hand crafted stone decoration The stone hand cut and hand polished up to 2000 grit to a shiny silky finish. Made from two pieces of stone, pinned and glued together with stone epoxy. The Alabaster stone is semi translucent looks awesome with light behind it. I can personalize it for free of charge, by adding names titles, messages on it by carving or engraving, please note that however, carving doesn't shows much on it unless the groove painted to darker color.  

5" x 3.75 x 1.75" 13 x 9.5 x 4.5 cm
0.368 kg

Inukshuk, are stone monuments erected in the image of humans. One of their purposes was to communicate direction in the harsh and desolate Arctic.  As such they were a tool for survival, and symbolic of the the unselfish acts of a nomadic people - the Inuit - who built them as signposts to make the way easier and safer for those who followed.

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Alabaster Inukshuk white translucent symbol stone figurine