Arctic fox figurine alabaster carving SOLD

This 6.5" arctic fox figurine will glow with the right lighting behind it. Original Spanish alabaster carving stone, high polished small sculpture direct by Canadian artist

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This cute arctic fox figurine, is a hand carved and polished original stone work. The raw carving stone is direct from a Spanish quarry, known as the best quality alabaster on the world. Alabaster is a sedimentary gypsum stone find all over the world, varies in color and chemical composition. Spanish alabaster is one of the finest grained marble feel and looks mineral, and most of the time has some coloration in it. This arctic fox figurine almost pure white except a few grayish spots on the front leg. carved the traditional way by using only basic hand tools, such as files and rasps. For the polishing different grits of water base sand papers up 2000 smoothness. Sealed and buffed with non toxic natural bee wax. It's a semi translucent stone, ones displayed with the right lighting behind it, the figurine will glow, and makes an awesome piece of display. A limited quantity of raw stone still available for custom carving.

5.5" x 6.5" x 2.75"

14 x 16.5 x 7 cm

1.001 kg.

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