Argillate stone hand carved unique design pendant

Fantasy design unique hand carved Argillite stone pendant original sagastone created handmade jewelry with sterling silver wire twist cap hanger and with leather necklace.

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Black natural Argillite stone from Haida Gwaii north British Columbia This type of black Slate stone can be find only in one location on the world what makes it so unique and collectible. The stone is legally purchased cut carved and polished by me in my shop The design is just a fantasy shape and style, the hanger is sterling silver 21 gauge jewelry wire the necklace is an 18" x 2 mm with extension black leather

stone size; 20.6 x 42.5 x 7.4 mm 49.25 ct.

Also known as Black slate , Argillite is a fine grained sedimentary rock, essentially lithified mud Argillite occurs all over the world, but the most famous argillite comes from northern Haida Gwaii Canada
The argillite at Slatechuck Creek is unique, and occurs no-where else in the world.Currently, only Haida have the right to quarry it,and it's location is a carefully guarded secret.
Here is where the confusion about argillite stems from.Many people will tell you only the Haida, or other First Nations, have the right to use or purchase it. This is incorrect. The truth is quite simple:
. Only the Haida have the right to quarry argillite from Slatechuck Creek.
. It is not illegal to buy Slatechuck Creek argillite in raw form the Haida

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black carved stone pendant hanging on a raw rock