Birthmonth flower,Daffodil,original oil painting |sagastone

The glowing dots behind the March birth month flower, is the Pisces zodiac constellation.Yellow tone original oil painting of the Daffodil, on stretched canvas

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16" x 12" size original oil painting on stretched canvas. Specific flowers assigned to birth monts, goes back to the Victorian rules of etiquette, that restricted to express feelings with inappropriate flower. Nowadays, it's more right to associate theme when their blossoms, The painting is a part of the series. The black background represents the universe, behind the Daffodil March birth month flower the glowing dots are the zodiac constellation of Pisces. The canvas painted on edges, called gallery wrap, and ready to hang as is. Signed and dated. 

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Birthmonth flower,Daffodil,original oil painting |sagastoneBirthmonth flower,Daffodil,original oil painting |sagastone