Canadian wildlife stone coaster set

Canadian wildlife on hand carved black slate stone coaster set. Four different custom designed animal figures, that represent best of the country and our culture

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By speaking of Canada, what comes to mind is snow and cold. That's thru, we have pretty harsh winter here, but we have the three other seasons existing too, what no different or even more beautiful than the rest of the world. The wildlife is amazing, always have a feeling that we invaded their territory. These four animal species are, what represent most our thru north, our culture and native arts. The simple lines design is my own creation, leaves a large surface of the stone visible, with a pop out image. The stone is natural black slate, cut to round shape, the surface is a bit coarse so glass won't slip on it, the edges are smooth sanded,signed and dated. The backside is cork padded to protect furniture surface. Slate is a non absorbing stone, durable and easy to care for, to clean the coasters, just use a wet cloth or sponge. we tested it with re wine and coffee, didn't leave any stain even after it dried in. I can customize the set by adding name or short message carving to it for free of charge. Also available in green slate and white marble. Please note that marble stone is stays white when carved, so the design doesn't shows much. 

4" diameter 

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