Carved black stone Argillite necklace

Natural Argillite pendant, hand carved black stone feather necklace. This unique specimen found only one place at the north Pacific coast of Canada Haida Gwaii

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A genuine Haida Gwaii natural black stone,hand carved Argillite pendant. A fantasy designed abstract style feather symbol necklace. The stone is an untreated original north west Canadian piece of Argillite specimen. Carved polished, drilled and set with a silver plated  21 pinned bail hanger and with an 18" x 2 mm black leather necklace. This unique stone is belongs to the Haida nation, not easy to get, considered as a rare find, I still have raw material in stock, I can carve your custom request for your design. The stone has a silky touch and a decent shine, the more you wear it an rub it, the shinier it gets.

stone size: .23 x 52.9 x 6.7 mm     65.25 ct.

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carved black stone Argillite necklace pendantCarved black stone Argillite necklace