Green abstract sculpture, soapstone with solid gold

This green abstract sculpture contain solid gold covering.Original art free standing medium size soapstone carving on white marble base, sale by Canadian artist

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Recently finished new medium size green abstract sculpture. Hand carved from deep green base color natural Brazilian origin soapstone, with different shades of green, some gray and a little bit of brown veins and lines. This colorful piece is hand polished with standard water proof sand papers to achieve a silky smoothness and shine, sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax. The inner circle in the middle covered with hammered 18 K solid gold flakes. The base stone is a round shape polished Italian Carrara marble white stone with its typical gray cloudy pattern. Signed and dated by the carver SaGa. Soapstone is a relatively soft stone, workable with simple hand tools, a favored medium for carvers, for its color variety. Ones displayed, an every other months of soft cloth buffing keeps the the sculpture shiny new looking for a long time to come. This affordable priced original art makes an eye catching home or office decoration, the bright gold covering shine in any lighting condition. An authenticity certificate is included with the purchase of the sculpture. 

13" x 7" x  3.75" 

33 x 17 x 9.5 cm.

4.510 kg.

Custom carving ideas are welcome. No deposit or payment required prior to completion. See other size of sculpture carved and decorated with the same method.  

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