Green seahorse sculpture soapstone carving

10" tall green Seahorse sculpture. Hand carved jelly looking natural soapstone shiny polished tropical fish figurine, stone art sale direct by the carver

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Light green hazy jelly looking hand carved soapstone seahorse sculpture. Recently finished high polished stone art. The stone has a silky smooth touch and with the right lighting makes a unique home decoration display. The inspiration to create this piece came from the color of the stone. the details of the carving is a consistent flow of smoothness, even the deepest pleat is polished up to 2000 grit. Tools what I used for the carving, just rasps, files, and different sand papers. Soapstone is a relatively soft stone, ones the shine achieved, it's sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax, what keeps the stone from drying out, however a few drop of olive oil rubbing every other months, keeps the carving fresh wet looking for a long time. I can personalize the sculpture by request, adding carving or engraved short message or name to the bottom. It's signed and dated, certificate of authentication supplied upon purchase.

10" x 4.5" x 3.25" 

25 x 12 x 8.5 cm

2.777 kg.

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light green stone standing seahorse sculpture