Green stone carving with solid gold

Abstract green stone carving 9" tall soapstone sculpture with solid gold leafs implantation. Affordable new original artwork direct by artist from Vancouver Canada.

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This new green stone carving has real 18 k solid gold in it. Natural deep green soapstone hand carved medium size abstract sculpture on beige round shape limestone base. Soapstone is a metamorphic kind of soft stone, easy to carve with simple hand tools such as files and rasp. Colorful and very representative once polished. It has a greasy slippery feel of touch, that's what gives the name of the stone. Colors are varies by the origin of the location it mined. This dark green with some blackish brownish carving material's origin is Brazil, where the cleanest specimen comes from. Polished with standard water base sandpapers, by doubling the grit up to 2000 smoothness. Sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax. The gold is hammered 18 K gold leafs, Italian made ,widely used in churches, picture frames, even back in time for book cover decoration. When applied for stone works, the raw chiseled groove gives and excellent grab, and even if it used exterior, last for ages, and never fades the shine. The sculpture is pinned and stone epoxy glued to the round shape limestone base, what is signed and dated.           I can personalize it, by carving names or short message on it for free of charge. 

9" x 4" x 2.75"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 22.5 x 10 x 7.5 cm

1.392 kg.

Custom carving request is welcome, raw stone always on stock, please inquire about available colors.

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