Hand carved, abstract tattoo design, drink coasters

Eagle themed abstract tattoo design on hand carved black slate stone coasters. Not ready yet to ink your body? get it for now, on these awesome home decoration.

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When kids are growing up, and choosing their path of life, nothing makes a mother prouder than realize they have an artistic talent. My son decided to be a tattoo artist. He has steady hands for it, but he was lacking unique ideas. Asked me if I can draw abstract tattoo design for him. One of the most popular theme in body inking is the eagle. I made these designs for him, and it became so popular with his clients, so I decided to make a stone carving of it too, for those who's not ready for tattooing. This four different abstract tattoo design is hand carved on round shape black slate stone. The non absorbing slate stone has a so called split surface, what prevents the glass sliding on it, the edges are smooth sanded and signed, the backside is cork padded to protect furniture. The stone is very durable and easy to clean and maintain, we tested for stain resistance with red wine and coffee, what came off with a wipe of a wet cloth without leaving any trace of the spilled drink.

Custom carving is always welcome. Black and green slate stone is always on stock. Personalized designs, names, business logos in any number of setts. No extra charge for custom design, and no deposit or prepayment required.

4" diameter size.

Hand carved, abstract tattoo design, drink coasters |sagastoneHand carved, abstract tattoo design, drink coasters |sagastone