Infinity symbol, carved limestone, drink coasters

Infinity symbol carved octagon shape white limestone drink coasters.The snake eats its own tail Egyptian origin concept in modern style handmade home decoration

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It's rare but sometimes happens, when a snake mistakenly eats or swallow its tail. Scientifically explained as the smell of the pray still on its body, and because the snake is blind, just acting on instincts. As a symbol, deriving from the ancient Egyptian culture, means the cycle of life from birth to death, or creation and distraction. The symbol adopted in later time by the Greeks, and with the same meaning, but with dragon by Asian culture. Nowadays it became a popular tattoo theme.This set of four pieces drink coaster set a new and modern style version of the ancient wisdom. Natural white limestone cut to octagon shape smooth sanded surface  with hand carved symbol. The backside is cork padded to protect furniture. It's a one of a kind thoughtful gift idea, I can personalize it by adding short message or name to it for free of charge.

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Infinity symbol, carved limestone, drink coasters |sagastoneInfinity symbol, carved limestone, drink coasters |sagastone