Maori turtle symbol carved Slate stone coaster set

Bring the ancient culture to the modern home decoration style. Hand carved unique art direct by the carver, Maori turtle symbol carved Slate stone coaster set

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Tired of mass produced printed, and usable only a couple of times drink coasters? Let me offer you our hand carved unique stone set. we use only selected natural stones, cut shape and design it in our home chop. This set is a Maori turtle symbol carved green Slate round shape hand carved stone home decoration. The stone is a split faced Jade green color, with smooth sanded edges, what is also signed and dated by the carver, the backside has a cork lining to protect the surface of the furniture. Slate is a non absorbing stone, we tested it for stain resistance with coffee and red wine, what can be easily cleaned just by wiping with wet cloth. Don't you just hate it, when lift your glass off the table and the coaster comes with it? Well this won't happen with our coasters, the weight of the four pieces set is about 1.1-1.2 kg. durable, not too light and not too heavy.  Plain prepared set is always available for your custom design, names, symbols, logos, request is always welcome, for the same price, finished within 2 days. 

4" diameter  approx 0.3" thick. four pieces.

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green round shape stone coaster set with carved turtle