Natural color stone bear cub figurine

You can even carry this bear cub figurine with you as a mascot, or make it a special personal present. Natural color stone hand carved, collectible mini sculpture.

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This cute bear cub figurine is a hand carved and hand polished natural color stone carving, is a new mini sculpture for collectible or for a present to someone special. Carved from green base color soapstone what has brown veins and spots specially on the butt. Traditional realistic stonework, carved only with basic hand tools, files, and rasps, and polished with standard water proof sand papers to achieve a smooth silky shine. Easy to carry as a cabala in your pocket, however keep that in mind, soapstone is a relatively soft stone and scratches easily. I can personalize it, by adding initial or name to the belly, included in sale price. I have sold over a hundred pieces of bear carvings in different colors, positions and sizes, with 5 star feedback. In the figurines page of this website you can find a few more listed bears, but if you prefer to have one specially carved for you, please send me a custom request and maybe a picture or drawing of the position, and I'll be happy to carve it for you. No deposit required, agreed price won't change.

4.5" x 2.25" x 2"

11 x 5.5 x 5 cm

0.415 kg.

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