Owl symbol carved stone coasters

Discover how owl symbol can bring the ancient knowledge back to your home decoration, with these hand carved stone, custom designed mysterious meaning coasters.

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Green natural Slate carved stone coasters round shape fantasy owl symbol designed set of four pieces. Humans always find the night is something of a mystery. Owl who hunts in darkness, considered as the ancient knowledge, what can find ways without seeing it.  In mythology became a symbol of wisdom, used in many cultures from the far east to the Americas as spiritual guide.The stone's surface is spit top, flat and coarse, the edges are smooth sanded and signed dated. Slate is a non absorbing stone, durable and easy to clean. we tested it with red wine and coffee, what was just wiped off with wet cloth. The back of the coasters are padded with a cork layer, to protect furniture surface and avoid slippage. Each stone is hand cut and hand carved, brand new never been used. the four pieces set weight is about 1.1 kg. 4" diameter and about 0.3" thick. Plain set is always available for custom design in any number of sets. Business logos, memorial signs, names, designs are welcome. no extra charge for special design. 

4" diameter x 4 pieces.

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