Pink Opal gemstone handmade jewelry necklace

Pink Opal gemstone helps to heal the broken heart and gives emotional support, Peruvian natural mineral, silver wire wrapped pendant. Handmade jewelry necklace

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This pink opal gemstone specimen are sedimentary mineral, formed by water and silica, in many milky colors. The Peruvian pink variety known as the hardest gemstone among all opals. The soothing pink color makes it a desirable jewelry component, and very popular in the metaphysical world as a stone that represent the sense of love, or the healer of broken heart.It's a genuine Peruvian natural pink opal gemstone specimen pendant. Opal stones find in the Andean are a type semi-precious stones, what means they lack the typical opal's color play.Pink opal genuine Peruvian gemstone specimen oval shape pendant with sterling silver 21 gauge square and half round wire wrap setting and with a 20" x 1.5 mm silver plated snake chain. It's a nice large size handmade jewelry necklace, the stone is all natural not treated or altered in anyways.

stone size: 39.1 x 24.7 x 6.3 mm 41.45 ct.

Pink opal clears and calms the heart and brings a sense of love, peace, and tranquility to one’s aura. It can be used or worn to keep one’s connection to the angelic realms open and clear. Pink opal is a lovely stone for healing the emotions, especially those connected with subconsciously held pain.

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pink opal gemstone silver wire set handmade jewelry necklace