Protective gemstone, black Jade talisman

Looking for a protective gemstone? This stylish handmade silver wire set black Jade talisman all you need to ward off negative forces what might block your way

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You might ask, how can a stone protect you? Well, black Jade talisman worn for centuries, and the legend must have some kind of a base, that the theory built on. Besides, many people has special connection with our earth given treasure, and translates it on their own way. We sell our creations on local craft fairs, and night markets, We have many visitors who's holding their hands over the gemstone pendants case, and whatever speaks, or radiates the energy, she picks it out. 

This cute pendant cut from a slab (see it here) to a triangle shape, polished on diamond lapidary wheels to a brilliant shine and silky smoothness. Set with  21 gauge sterling silver square and half round jewelry wire wrapping, a stylish modern method, shows the stone entire size, and holds it firm and secure. Comes with an also sterling silver Italian made 1.05 mm thick smooth snake chain necklace with optional 18", 20", 24", lengths. Please make note at checkout for preferred length.

This is a genuine black Jade gemstone, we don't treat, dye, or color our stones. All pendants in our shop is 100% natural, cut polished and set by us, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 

stone size: 35.7 x 27.1 x 7.3 mm    55.55 ct.

A very limited quantity of raw black jade still available for custom shape and size cutting, with preferred setting method. Raw stone not for sale.

Free shipping to Canada and USA. International shipping available at USPS estimated rates, please contact prior ordering, to adjust and find best rates.

Protective gemstone, black Jade talismanProtective gemstone, black Jade talisman