Psilomelane black free form shape mineral pendant

Best emotional healer stone used by shamans for correcting behavior, birthstone of Sagittarius. Psilomelane silver wire wrapped large black mineral pendant

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By the first look at this stone, you can tell there's more to it than just a simple black mineral. The swirly parallel running lines like telling us, or showing us something. No wonder since ancient times, shamans and healers interpreted what is it trying to say. Psilomelane is a maganese hydroxide mineral also known by the name as Crown of silver. It's a stone what associated with silver, and usually find as a by product when silver mining. This specimen is from Mexico. The raw mineral was cut to slabs, selected for pattern and quality, than designed for pendant. Polished on diamond wheels up to 50.000 grit, to achieve a brilliant shine. The setting is a stylish simple design, focuses more to the stone. For the wrapping we used sterling silver 21 gauge jewelry wire, round and half round in triple lined style, what is the safest method to secure the stone. The pendant comes with an also sterling silver Italian made smooth 20" x 1.05 mm snake chain necklace. shorter 18', 16" or longer 24" length also available.This's a hard to come by stone specimen, a must have for gemstone collectors.

stone size:  44.1 x 21.7 x 7.3 mm           67.90 ct.

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black mineral pendant with parallel lined swirly pattern