Purple cow Jasper gemstone pendant and necklace

Interesting purple cow jasper.Oregon origin gemstone pendant, natural brown base color mineral from special collection, hand polished necklace with a funny name

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 It's called Purple cow Jasper.At the local rock and gem show I found this very interesting never heard of stone slab I was told this stone can be find only on one location somewhere in Oregon and only a few rockhund knows the exact location I ended up buying the slab and before start cutting it did a little research with very few result It turned out, the man who sold the slab was right whoever knows the location won't reveal it. So all I can tell about this stone it's from outside of McDermitt Oregon and it's called Purple cow Jasper I polished out a few cabs here is one of theme It's a pear shape wrapped with pure copper 20 and 24 gauge triple lined craft wire to make it a gemstone pendant and it comes with a 18" x 2 mm black leather necklace I can't say this is the most beautiful Jasper, but definitely and interesting piece to Jasper collectors

stone size: 22.4 x 39.4 x 9.4 mm 58.90 ct.

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purple cow jasper gemstone pendant with copper setting