Shiny blue stone, Lapis Lazuri gemstone pendant necklace

Legendary shiny blue stone, what symbolizes truth and wisdom. Lapis Lazuri non tarnish silver wire wrapped natural gemstone pendant, necklace for both sexes.

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This deep celestial shiny blue stone was highly priced since our human history began. Lapis Lazuri always been and still considered as the symbol of wisdom and truth, honor and royalty. The intense blue color caused by the lazurite silicate mineral, and most of the time contains white vein inclusion of calcite or gold like sparkly pyrite. The purer blue the stone, the more highly regarded as jewelry material. Lapis in history was most used by Egyptians, they believed the stone has magical power. According to their theory the soul lives in the mind, and lapis can purify it or cures mental illness.Also was used in rituals as the stone that can give a safe passage to the deceased to protect from evil.

This pendant has all the qualities, what a natural stone can offer. The face is deep blue with evenly distributed pyrite, the back has come calcite inclusion. Cut to a medium size oval shape, and polished to a bright finish on diamond wheels up to 50.000 grit smoothness. The wrapping is a trendy modern style design made with sterling silver non tarnish 21 gauge square and half round jewelry wire, what focuses to show the stone as much as possible.

stone size; 35.1 x 24.5 x 7.3 mm   59.35 ct.

Lapis Lazuri gemstone because of its color and metaphysical properties, is suitable for both sexes.

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Shiny blue stone, Lapis lazuri gemstone pendant necklceLapis Lazuri gemstone pendant, shiny blue stone necklace