Speaker's stone blue Chalcedony talisman

Copper wire wrapped free form gemstone Chalcedony pendant blue Agate necklace

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The stone is a local British Columbia self collected find, blue Chalcedony free form pendant with trendy modern style 20 and 24 gauge copper craft wire wrapping and with an 18" x 2 mm leather necklace. Polished on both sides on diamond wheels up yo 50.000 grit. Chalcedony is a type of agate without pattern and inclusion of other minerals. Makes a nice piece of unisex jewelry, or protection talisman.

stone size 24.4 x 35.7 mm 54.75 ct.

Chalcedony is known as the Speaker's Stone, the stone of one who must measure his words. It encourages reflection and meditation, its gentle radiance preparing us for action but helping to hold back words we might regret. The great Roman orator, Cicero, is said to have worn one around his neck.

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aqua blue gemstone with copper wire on raw rock