Three monkeys symbol black Slate wall hanger stone carving


Three monkeys symbol wall plate hand carved black slate stone home or office decoration. Ancient Japanese symbolism designed new antiquated stone carving by sagastone

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Japan symbol carving on black slate untreated natural stone. See no evil hear no evil speak no evil ancient  Hand carved antiquated home decoration wall hanger with silver plated wire fastened 2 mm thick leather lace
6" x 12" x .3"
15 x 30 x 8 mm
I can custom carve your idea, names logos, etc..

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The lesson these three monkeys represent are to be of good mind, speech and action. Sometimes in the Western world, the monkeys’ names are often given as Mizaru, Mikazaru, and Mazaru. The pictorial came to prominence when it was represented on a 17th century carving over a door at the Tosho-gu shrine in Nikko, Japan. The philosophy behind the symbolism of the monkeys is said to have come to Japan from a Tendai-Buddhist legend that use the monkeys to represent man’s life cycle. The proverb of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is called the “Golden Rule” in Japan and earlier depictions of the proverb show the monkeys with the six-armed deity Vajrakilaya teaching the Buddhist philosophy that is we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil.

three monkeys symbol on black stone in vertical line up