Transparent purple crystal Amethyst necklace

This transparent purple crystal is a natural Amethyst gemstone from Brazil. Set with sterling silver jewelry wrapping and with a silver plated snake chain necklace

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Selling gemstone jewelry in person is a way different than online. Past experience shows that there are many people out there, who's looking for additional energy source in stones. It's always fascinating, when all of our necklaces displayed on public shows, and some one just hoovers over the them, and just picks out one, without looking. This transparent purple crystal is one of the gemstones, what was chosen by many visitors. 

Our raw stone arrived direct from the quarry from Brasil. Light purple color Amethyst with outstanding clarity. We cut many pendants out of this gemstone, and the most impressive feather we find is the inner fractures, what makes a wonderful pattern like design. This pendant was cut to follow that pattern, polished on diamond wheels whit an eight step method, by doubling the grit grade up to 50.000 smoothness and a brilliant shine. The setting of the pendant, is a stylish simple method, using sterling silver 21 gauge triple lined round and half round jewelry wire wrapping, what focuses to show more of the stone than the setting. This safe setting will hold the stone in place for a long time to come, and the silver is a non tarnish metal, convenient to use for those who's allergic to other materials.

Amethyst is a desirable gemstone with a long history. Did you know that the original translation from Greek means " not drunken"? Well... you can make your own story about the naming of the stone. One theory says, because of its wine like color, makes the wearer alcohol tolerant, and probably that's the reason as well for the metaphysical meaning too. Amethyst crystal is recommended to help one to beat addictive habits, and to keep a sober mind.

For any purpose you looking for Amethyst necklace, this stone can make an eye catching jewelry piece. It's a guaranteed 100% natural, hand cut crystal, and if you'r not satisfied with the purchase we'll refund your payment.

The pendant comes with a silver plated 20" x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace. Sterling silver Italian made snake chain necklaces also available in 1.05 mm thickness and 18", 20", 24" lengths. Please contact us for whole sale priced upgrade.

stone size; 32.4 x 20.4 x 8.5 mm   30.60 ct.

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