White alabaster stone modern art sculpture

Alabaster modern art sculpture white stone statue.Contemporary three dimensional Raindrops original new translucent polished stone carving direct from sagastone

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Recently finished pure white Italian Alabaster translucent natural stone modern art sculpture.This is an original contemporary brand new traditionally carved statue direct from me the carver SaGa Gabriella. By traditionally carving I meant I shaped it out with mallet and chisel from an 80 lb boulder than just using hand files and hand sanders polished out up to 2000 grit to get the silky finish no additional material or chemical was used except for the protection of the stone what is coated with non toxic bee wax. 

The sculpture is one solid piece carved with the base, signed and dated at the back of the base. This modern art sculpture has a nice 3 dimensional effect show different shape from every direction require larger space to exhibit.

The theme is water drops,the inspiration of the carving came from my beautiful hometown Vancouver where we have nothing but rain, so I named this piece Raincouver

18" x 10" x 5" 

45 x 25 x 13 cm

28 lb.

13.30 kg.      Free shipping to USA and Canada

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Modern art sculpture of raindrops in 3 dimension