Black Wonder stone Blue jay bird hand carved figurine

Cute little abstract style black Wonder stone Blue jay free standing bird figurine hand caved and polished home office decoration or use as paper weight

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The black stone called wonder stone is a type of soapstone, might be a bit harder and dryer, but takes an excellent polish an easy to maintain ones displayed. This little bird carving is a bit of an abstract style blue jay, free standing figurine , mini sculpture. Hand carved by using only hand tools such as rasps and files, and for polishing standard water base sandpapers up to 2000 grit to achieve a shiny silky smooth finish. Sealed and buffed with non toxic natural bee wax. Makes a thoughtful gift idea for home decoration, or could be used as a paper weight on desk.

    4.75" x 3"x 2"
   12 x 7.5 x 5 cm
    0.476 kg.

Custom carvings available for your request. 

black stone abstract style standing bird figurine