SOLD....Stone bear figurine hand carved colorful small sculpture

Bear small sculpture hand carved stone figurine direct by artist, medium size green soapstone high polished cute original work. Signed and dated can be personalized by request

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I carved this piece using hand tools only and the polished it with regular water base sandpapers up to 2000 grit. The stone has a silky smooth finish buffed with non toxic bee wax to achieve a bright shine. Soapstone don't required much maintenance, but picks up the room temperature, and by warming up attract dust particles by static and the shine can fade by time. To renew the shine, just a few drop of olive oil and a buff makes it brand new again.A medium size but still quite heavy new green soapstone bear figurine sculpture. The stone's base color is dark green with different shades of brown lines veins in it. One solid piece piece no cracks or chips.

4.75" x 2" x 2"
11.5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
0.380 kg

green soapstone small size cute bear figurine