Delicate polished Flint stone pendant necklace

Striped flint the stone of optimism free form pendant talisman necklace handmade jewelry

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Chalcedony quartz variety beige base color Flint stone with brown stripes Flint is not a typical gemstone it's worn more for it's metaphysical properties such as protection against nightmares and bad dreams, or negativity. The stone itself is very hard rigid mineral and not easy to work with it, but the final result is an impressive shiny polish what makes it a nice piece of jewelry. It's a long size free form drilled and sterling silver 21 gauge wire created twist cap set pendant with a silver plated 20" x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace

stone size: 18.3 x 51 x 5.8 mm 40.75 ct.

Flint, a stone of amazing power and intensity that brings the highest possible spiritual frequencies down into the physical world through manifestation. It grounds the etheric body more completely into the physical plane of reality. This will effect, both, the consciousness of the self and the consciousness of life force energy. People dealing with flighty perceptions of reality will benefit greatly from this stones ability to bring one’s focus back into the physical worldbeige brown mineral pendant with silver twist cap.