Flint stone copper wire wrapped gemstone necklace

Talisman stone for healing and protection from evil.Locally collected British Columbia mineral specimen hand polished Flint stone free form shape unisex necklace

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It's not considered as a typical gemstone despite the fact it's composed by the same Chalcedony quartz minerals like agate onyx and blood stone. Back in time it was carried, worn as a talisman for healing and protection from evil, and it said removes shyness and promotes positive interpersonal experiences. The stone widely available all over the world, this specimen was collected in north British Columbia. Hand cut and hand polished, set with pure copper 20 and 24 gauge triple lined wire wrapping and with an 18" x 2 mm black leather necklace.

stone size: 25.2 x 42.5 x 5.8 mm 48.60 ct.

I still have some raw flint stone, if you prefer a different shape or size please contact with your custom request.

beige base stone with brown line pattern