Hand carved sculpture green Soapstone abstract Salmons

Green Soapstone abstract sculpture Salmons in motion hand carved high polished original free standing stone art, direct from artist studio. Signed, dated by sagastone

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Green base color Soapstone new abstract hand carved sculpture Salmons in motion original art. Recently finished high polished stone work. The stone is one solid piece with dark green base color and brownish veins and spots. Carved the old school way by using only hand tools and for polishing standard water based sand papers up to 2000 grit to achieve a silky bright finish. It's signed and dated. Soapstone is a soft but durable material, once displayed not require much maintenance, just a few drop of olive oil and a soft cloth buff every other months, to keep the shine.

10" x 6.5" x 3.25"
26 x 16 x 8 cm.
3.304 kg.

soapstone is always available, I can carve your custom request any size and shape. I can also personalize the sculpture by adding short message or name on the bottom by carving or engraving, for free of charge.

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