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        triangle shape blue gemstone pendant and necklaceBlue lace Agate pendant $25.00
  green free form shape stone pendant in silver settingBC Jade gemstone pendant $30.00
     light green gemstone pendant between two rocksAmazonite mineral necklace $29.00

         cannabis leafs carved on round shape green stoneCanadize it Slate coasters $30.00
   brown pattern gemstone in silver settingBiggs Jasper necklace $28.00
   white hand carved stone whale figurineBeluga whale figurine $35.00

         transparent yellow mineral pendant and necklaceYellow fluorite necklace $29.00
   vibrant golden gemstone pendant with necklaceTiger eye gemstone pendant $28.00
   small triangle shape stone pendant and necklaceUnakite charm necklace $17.00

          round shape carved stone with number 66 Route 66 drink coasters $30.00
  red pink gemstone pendant in silver settingRhodonite gemstone necklace $30.00
   black polished stone carving of a walking bearBlack bear figurine $100.00
                               deep green gemstone with blood drop like patternBloodstone necklace $28.00
  oval shape gemstone with red swirly line patternCrazy lace Agate necklace $25.00
   small green triangle shape gemstone pendantChrysoprase charm pendant $25.00
                             white stone carved cheese slice figurineCheese alabaster figurine $32.00
  leopard fur like pattern gemstone pendantLeopard skin Jasper pendant $29.00
  black stone human figurine carving with spread armsBlack stone Inukshuk $35.00
                               large white marble stone carving with flying eagleMarble Eagle wall panel $295.00
  marble stone panel carved woman figure with sword and scale Justitia marble wall panel $295.00
  stone wall panel with open feathered large bird Peacock hand chiseled marble $295.00
                               blue gemstone pendant with silver wire settingBlue Quartz gemstone pendant $29.00
   green spotted gemstone pendant on necklaceParrot wing Chrysocolla $29.00
   small shiny black stone charm necklaceHematite charm pendant $17.00
                             black free form shape stone pendant with brown lines patternMahogany Obsidian necklace $31.00
    black square shape stone with primitive hunting carvingCave art Slate coasters $30.00
  beige stone with white line silver cap settingFlint Talisman $27.00

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