We added a little human touch to nature's art.

       stone formation image used as logo

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    Ready to ship stone carvings and gemstone jewelry 

    Sculptures                Figurines                 coasters               Gemstones


         Prices in Canadian $                                                                   click image for details

       sky blue gemstone pendant in silver settingGenuine Larimar crystal necklace $61.00
 head carved green brown stone bear figurineSoapstone bear $190.00oval shape blue wave pttern gemstone pendantPietersite gemstone necklace $43.00

       green soapstone seal figurine on ice like white stone baseSoapstone seal figurine $36.00 black gemstone with silver wire wrappingPsilomelane pendant $48.00
deep green turtle stone figurine on brown marble Soapstone turtle figurine $45.00

     light purple transparent crystal pendant necklace Amethyst crystal pendant $32.00  
long triangle shape green pattern talisman stone Green Tree Agate talisman $28.00
green oval shape mineral pendant with swirly patternMalachite mineral necklace $42.00

        shimmering blue gemstone pendant with silver settingHawk's eye blue tiger eye pendant $31.00  
      sitting frog light green stone sculptureSoapstone frog figurine $140.00      
      light blue color striped agate gemstone pendantSOLD  

       round shape green stone with carved figuresDragonflies green Slate coasters $30.00
      beige stone with white line silver cap settingFlint Talisman $27.00light green stone owl abstract figurineOwl soapstone figurine $36.00

      walking stone bear green with brown veinsSOLD      green carved round stone with lily designFleur de Lis coasters $30.00
      blue dot gemstone with silver wire wrapping Blue Quartz necklace $30.00

     four black round shape drink coaster with rose carvingBlack Slate Rose coasters $30.00
      small size walking bear carving brown green colorGreen soapstone bear $115.00
      black round stone coasters with carved abstract designBlack Slate abstract coasters $30.00

              green stone knot like medium size sculptureBrucite stone sculpture $275.00
                white water drops in dimension sculptureAlabaster Raincouver sculpture $2100.00
     large white abstract sculpture on padestal Alabaster abstract art sculpture $3100.00

      Triangle shape blue agate gemstone pendant  Blue lace Agate pendant $25.00            green free form shape stone pendant in silver settingBC Jade gemstone pendant $30.00    light green gemstone pendant between two rocksAmazonite mineral necklace $29.00

     round shape carved stone with number 66 Route 66 drink coasters $30.00       brown pattern gemstone in silver settingBiggs Jasper necklace $28.00    white hand carved stone whale figurineBeluga whale figurine $35.00       

     transparent yellow mineral pendant andYellow fluorite necklace $29.00      vibrant golden gemstone pendant with necklaceTiger eye gemstone pendant $28.00     small triangle shape stone pendant and necklaceUnakite charm necklace $17.00

    red pink gemstone pendant in silver settingRhodonite gemstone necklace $30.00      white carved stone sitting polar bear figurineSitting polar bear figurine $175.00      deep green gemstone with blood drop like patternBloodstone necklace $28.00                          

  oval shape gemstone with red swirly line patternSOLD    royal blue stone with silver cap settingBlue stone amulet $27.00   white stone carved cheese slice figurineCheese alabaster figurine $32.00 

  yellow base color brown pattern gemstone pendantAustralian Jasper pendant $28.00    black stone human figurine carving with spread armsBlack stone Inukshuk $35.00   pink swirly pattern mineral oval shape pendantRhodochrosite pendant $30.00

  large white marble stone carving with flying eagleMarble Eagle wall panel $295.00      marble stone panel carved woman figure with sword Justitia marble wall panel $295.00     stone wall panel with open feathered large bird Peacock hand chiseled marble $295.00

  beige stone with wave line pattern in copper settingPolished Flint pendant $27.00    small shiny black stone charm necklaceHematite charm pendant $17.00    black free form shape stone pendant with brown lines patternMahogany Obsidian necklace $31.00

    black square shape stone with primitive hunting carvingCave art Slate coasters $30.00      brown Jasper stone pendant with silver settingBrown Biggs jasper necklace $28.00       blue gemstone in copper wire wrapping pendantBlue Calcedony gemstone pendant $25.00

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