Raspberry alabaster hand carved abstract stone sculpture

Raspberry alabaster abstract sculpture hand carved medium size pink natural stone polished by hand.A modern art art piece carved the traditional way by sagastone

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Raspberry alabaster hand carved and hand polished medium size abstract sculpture The stone is one solid piece no cracks or chips on it Natural pink color stone with brown golden lines and veins safety pinned and stone epoxy glued  on a brown Limestone base The carving is brand new never been displayed. Very smooth silky natural finished up to 2000 grit Signed and dated by me the carver Gabriella. This type of alabaster is much harder than the white traditional version, non translucent stone with very nice visible crystals on the surface. The name Raspberry originated by the color of the stone.

12" x 6.5 x 2.5"    
30 x 15.5 x  6 cm
2.245 kg.

I can carve your costume idea from this type or other available stones. Raw Soapstone and Alabaster always in stock.                pink stone abstract narrow bottom widening top on brown base stone