Shipping charges

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FREE shipping to Canada and USA

 For domestic shipping we use Canada Post with 4-10 business days delivery time. Please note that Canada Post is not including tracking codes for light and small packages. Only expedited parcel and up has tracking included. For US and International (rest of the world) we use Chit-chat express, what works with USPS. A very reliable and fast service, most cases US packages arriving in 3-4 business days, International takes two weeks, depending on countries customs. All US bond and International includes tracking code, what will be emailed within 48 hours prior to purchase. 

International orders;

Each listed items have a set of unique SKU number. In the set the first number (ex.11039) indicates the shipping code. 

The following information estimated by USPS international rates.

A coast effective alternate shipping option might be available with ASENDIA, please inquire for destination  

                           SKU begin                                                                                   International


                  1.          pendants, necklaces                                          $  9.25        

             2.          small stone figurines                                           $  23.00

            3.          coasters,carvings                                                 $ 39.00

          4.          small sculptures                                                     $ 45.0

             5.          medium sculptures                                                $ 51.00

             6.         Over 5 kg (10 lb)                                                      $ 72.00

             7.         Over 10 kg (22 lb)                                                   $ 83.00

              8.         Special care                                                               $105.00

              9                                                                                                 $350.00