American Native sun symbol carved stone drink coasters

Collectible stone art carving of four different American native tribes sun symbols designed black slate drink coaster set. Unique handmade heritage decoration

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Symbols are historical signatures of ancient cultures, goes back thousands of years, however our own backyard is holding many clues about the last century's heritage of Native American tribes. Some symbols looks primitive and one might say so simple to draw, but a little research and looks behind the small details,revels a well thought meaning. This four pieces,  my collection of personal favorite sun symbols from four different tribe. The stone is split faced black natural slate with unique hand carved designs. The edges are smooth sanded and signed, the back side cork padded for scratch guard furniture surface. Slate is a non absorbing durable stone, easy to clean, just wipe with wet cloth or dish soap. I can personalize the coasters by carving or engraving names or short message for free of charge. Plain cut coasters are always on stock, your unique designs, names, business logo custom request is always welcome in any numbers of sets.

4" diameter about   0.3" thick. A set of four pieces weight about 1.1-1.2 kg.

four black round shape carved stone drink coaster