Gongko tree symbol designed green stone coaster set

Hand carved strength symbol green stone drink coaster set of the Gingko tree. Uniquely designed handmade home decoration idea for anniversary or housewarming

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The symbolism of the Gingko tree descending from the oriental cultures. The oldest plant specimen exist on earth, fossil finds goes back to 270 million years. The symbol on the orient used as hope and peace, and in the western cultures represent strength. This fantasy designed set carved to green Slate stone. The design shows the leafs and branches in four different position. Round shape split face Brazilian natural stone with smooth sanded signed and dated edges. Slate is a very durable stone, doesn't break or chip easy, non absorbing and easy to clean. We tested our sets with red wine and coffee, after drying just wiped off with wet cloth didn't leave any stain. The backside of the coasters cork lined to protect furniture surface. We welcome your custom order for any number of sets, with unique design, names logos, etc.... this set can be personalized by adding names,short message to it for free of charge. No extra charge for custom designs.

4" diameter about 0.3" thick. the set of four pieces weight about 1.1 - 1.2 kg.

tree branch carving on round shape green stone