Kokopelli designed hand carved green stone coaster set

Humpback flute player legendary figure unique designed green slate hand carved stone drink coaster set. Native American cultural home decor and gift idea

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The first discovered artifact dated back to 750 - 850 AD of this funny looking humpback flute player. According to the legend he was a trader who visited native American tribes on today's southwest United States. Further studies says, he believe to carry unborn children on his back to woman, and became as a symbol of fertility. This drink coaster set is dedicated to the legend. Natural Jade green Brazilian slate untreated stone, selected and cut to round shape, the top is split faced with smooth sanded edges, also signed and dated. The carving is a unique fantasy design, the set contain four pieces in different dancing position. The backside has a cork lining to protect furniture. Slate is a durable non absorbing stone, won't stain neither of red wine nor coffee, easy to clean by water or dish soap. Custom carving always welcome.

4"diameter 0.3" thick. the four pieces set about 1.1 - 1.2 kg weight.

dancing fluting figure carving on green round stone