Black Slate round shape Native Sun symbols stone coasters

Ancient Native American four different sun symbols. Hand carved natural black slate round stone unique designed drink coaster set,for gift and tabletop decoration.

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Black Slate natural stone native American sun symbols hand engraved coaster set.
4" diameter set of 4 pieces,sanded, protection coated, and scratch padded to protect furniture.
I can carve your own design names, logos, even a message on the edges,

Sun symbols are seen in some shape or fashion in every Native American tribe. This should be a clear indication of how much the sun was revered for its power.
Views and beliefs surrounding the sun symbols vary according to region.
Unanimously, the sun was of great importance. Provider of warmth, facilitator of crops, and the great bearer of light - it is no wonder this symbol finds its way on so many Native American artifacts and artwork

four different native sun symbol on black hand carved round stone